Historical Restorations

Historical fireplace in CT

Preserving the historical look of homes in Northwestern Connecticut is of extreme importance. Many communities have neighborhoods that have been designated Historical by the town ordinances. The structures and masonry elements of these homes may age and deteriorate over time as they are typically hundreds of years old. Master Masonry LLC specializes in restoring these elements to be correct and to match the look of the time they were built. Master Masonry LLC take this one step further, we build them to current code making the structures better than new.

If your home is in need of chimney, fireplace, veneer or stone wall repair call on us first to review the project. We are familiar with the historical regulations in our Connecticut towns as well as the techniques used in the original construction. Many historical homes in our area have central chimneys with multiple fireplaces and dutch ovens. Knowing how these complex structures were originally constructed is of extreme importance when rebuilding or making significant repairs. We have the knowledge and experience to make certain the project is expertly completed without concern of excess time spent due to "guessing"

Let Mike Fecto appraise your situation and give you his advice. Contact him today at (860) 738-3804.