Entrance & Walkway

When our client asked us to use our imagination and come up with an idea for a walking path and stair to their home we immediately thought of using a variegated flagstone. Flagstone comes in so many types and colors that it can enhance any project it is used on. The color selection for this customer uses browns, golds and grays to pick up on the existing structure colors.

In this project we constructed a 10 foot wide stone path to the small courtyard area. The courtyard is surrounded by stone walls that use a variegated stone that matches the patio flagstone. The walls and steps to the courtyard are capped with flat bluestone.

Once through the courtyard you step up 3 steps to the covered entryway, The steps use flagstone risers to step up to match the look of the surrounding walls. The trads for these stair use brownstone to match the entry door.

This project created an inviting entry area which has multiple uses for entertaining and looks great. If you want to see how Master Masonry LLC can help with your next walk, wall or patio project in Connecticut call us today at (860) 738-3804

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